5 Tips To Make The Most of Your New Pajamas

Your new Weekend Made pajamas should feel great right out of the gate.  However, since we built these pajamas for people with extra sensitive skin we wanted to provide some tips to maximize your comfort.

Women's black Weekend Made pajama shorts on a woman in bed

1. Wash your pajamas gently, with free and clear detergent.

Clothing can pick up dust or irritants in the manufacturing and shipping process. So it's best to wash before you wear. You can absolutely wash the pajamas just like any other casual clothing you have if that's best for you. However we recommend washing them with similar colors on the gentle cycle in cold water, and drying them on low, hanging, or laying flat to dry. To avoid pilling never wash or dry your pajamas with towels or rough fabrics. This will lengthen the life of your pajamas.

2. Shower and moisturize before putting on your pajamas.

If you are sensitive to pollen and other irritants then it is best to wash them off your body before bedtime. We also suggest moisturizing after a warm shower or bath to prevent dry, itchy skin.

3. Sleep without underwear.

Since we don't make underwear yet we suggest going without them to make the most of the seamless experience. Often underwear seams and elastics can be very irritating and dig into the skin.

4. Fold the wrist and ankles of your pajamas.

You'll see that 99% of the pajamas are seamless. The wrists and ankles are not because this seam allows the product to stretch over your hands and feet.  This is especially important for kids pajamas since they are required to be tight-fitting by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you are sensitive to seams near your wrist or ankles then folding them is best. Some people only need to do this while they are in bed. People who are more sensitive may need to fold them at all times.

5. Hem the pajamas at a tailor to customize the length.

If you're 5'5" or less you may find our adult pajama pants to be too long for you, especially if you do not want to fold the ankles (as suggested above). If this is uncomfortable for you then hemming the pants is your best option. If you can provide a receipt from your tailor we will credit you with a one-time use code for $10 off your next purchase.*

*Credit is for each pair of adult pajamas only. Merchandise that is discounted more than 10% is not eligible for the credit. We reserve the right to revoke this benefit at any time.

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