3 Great Reasons To Wear Matching Pajamas

Family wearing blush beauty pink Weekend Made matching pajama sets while reading a book in the kid's reading nook.


With over 183,000 posts #matchingpjs is certainly trending on Instagram. It's not just for Christmas, in fact, most of the posts are every day pajamas. Why are they so popular? And why should you get in on the trend? 


1. For The Memories

I'll never forget the look on my daughter's face the first time we wore matching pajamas.  She was so happy that it would have been impossible not to smile back at her. It's a memory I'll always cherish. Not to mention that it's picture and post-worthy, so you can go back and remember those special times forever.

2. Better Sleep

When you focus on quality, matching pajamas will ensure everyone in the family has a great night of sleep, even people with sensory needs.  What does quality mean?

Pay close attention to the fabric content, and the quality of the garment seams. Aim for natural, sweat-wicking fibers with a little bit of stretch for the best fit.  Garments should be as seamless as possible to prevent digging and chafing. Where seams do exist, they should be flat, and the thread should feel soft when you run your fingers over it.  Most people focus on finding a soft fabric, only to realize after they wash their pajamas that the seams are uncomfortable. In addition, many synthetic fabrics feel soft at first, but quickly deteriorate after a couple wears.

3. The Law of Attraction

You don't need to have children to benefit from matching pajamas. Social psychologist Justin Lehmiller says “what is familiar to us tends to be what we like and are drawn to”.  So why not don a pair of matching pajamas and create a new level of intimacy with your loved ones?


Why do you wear matching pajamas? Tell us in our comments section.


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